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Umweltschutz Umweltschutz

In recent years, sustainability has evolved from a trend to the basis of a sustainable economy. The acute global threat of climate change puts the question of a climate-friendly economy at the centre of entrepreneurial action. As a medium-sized German company, typical sustainability features, such as the durability of our products, our production in Germany and Europe according to the highest quality standards, and the social compatibility of our entrepreneurial actions, have been part of the TechniSat identity ever since the company was founded.

Of course, sustainable management requires continuous further development. Thus, in 2021, we started the step-by-step environmental certification of our production according to ISO 14001:2015 and in 2022 we were already able to have our plant in Schöneck / Vogtland certified in 2022. This step allows us an even more professional environmental management of our production plants and a consistent tracking of all goals and measures concerning environmental protection. Further production sites will follow before the end of 2023. By integrating the environmental management systems into our certified quality management according to ISO 9001:2015, we can guarantee the production of durable and environmentally friendly products according to meeting the highest quality standards for your projects.

By producing in Germany and Europe, we ensure short transport routes and a working environment that is aligned with the highest social standards. We also transmit our strict environmental and social requirements through our Code of Conduct to our suppliers. This enables us to maintain these standards along our supply chain.