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Social commitment

Soziales Engagement Soziales Engagement

Social commitment

TechniSat is committed to the people in the regions in and around its locations. We support societal, cultural and social institutions and actively incorporate workshops for physically, mentally and psychologically impaired persons into the manufacturing process. The workshops are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and carry out some of the equipment assembly. The people are grateful for the fact that they can participate actively in working and thus social life; their thanks is expressed in their careful and precise work.

These workshops for people with disabilities make an outstanding contribution to society with their work, but they are also sustainable enterprises that need to find the correct balance between economic activity and humanity. The needs of the people in the workshops are unique, so processes need to be structured to be both suitable for the disabled and at the same time technically advanced. Quality tests at the end of assembly indicate that this concept is a great success. Several hundred people work in this way for our group and thus find new perspective in their lives.