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Plastic injection moulding


Tool design and tool construction

By virtue of the several years of experience in the manufacture of plastic products for the sectors of consumer electronics, furniture, music and health care products, our affiliated company, TechniForm, is perfectly positioned to build extremely complex components and tools. The design team uses professional software, working in close collaboration with the tool making division.

The tool making division is equipped with modern machine tools. For example, this includes Exeron vertical eroding machines, Fanuc wire eroding machines and Hermle 5-axis milling machines. Peripheral machines such as grinding and lathing machines, as well as Zeiss measuring machines, round off the range of machinery.


Plastic injection moulding

The entire production division has, for several years, been specialised in the manufacture of housing parts to meet the strictest of requirements with regard to dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

The modern injection moulding production at TechniForm consists of 15 injection moulding machines with clamping forces between 50 and 750 tonnes. All injection moulding machines are equipped with linear or 6-axis robots to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and process quality. The material is fed automatically via a central drying and conveying system.


Ultrasonic welding

TechniForm uses ultrasonic welding units to assemble the modules. Compared to other processes, ultrasonic welding is particularly well-suited, especially where short processing times with high process reliability are required, or when no other additives or solvents are to be used. Furthermore, ultrasonic welding is noted for quality, strength and the exact reproducibility of the weld seams.


Robot-assisted module assembly

For automated production, a variety of 6-axis and linear robots can be used if required. In so doing, in addition to high production efficiency, reliable quality is also achieved and a high level of repeat accuracy ensured. Through the use of modern camera technology, relevant quality criteria are already checked during the production process.